Don Green Way Nature Trail

Update: I finally got around to whom exactly Do Green is. Or I guess i should say was, as he past away back in August 2019. Evidently he was active with the Clinton Township Historical Society and did research with regards to the canal. You can read his obituary here:

Author’s Note: I’m not sure who Don Green is exactly or why the trail is named after them but should I find out i’ll be sure to update!

This particular trail is located within the city of Clinton Township. The Don Green Way Nature Trail bridges both Budd Park and Canal park to one another. Unlike it’s name the trail itself is fairly short as it’s about 2.5 miles (4.3 km for everyone else in the world if you’re curious. )

I first discovered this place a couple years ago while I when I resided in Clinton Township Michigan. The trail is unpaved which is a major selling point for me. Just love all that dirt! But with that comes the unfortunate fact that it can be particularly muddy, especially in the spring or for a day or so after it rains. Not that I mind the getting a little muddy but should you care about that sort of thing, now you know! Pets are also welcomed here so if you’re looking for a place to explore with your pouch then the Don Green Way Nature Trail is an option.

Anyways, lets get to those sweet sweet pictures!

This photo was captured near Budd Park. Budd Park and Canal Park are connected via the Don Green Way nature trail. Budd Park has some interesting scenery if you are willing to explore.

A shot of trees along the Clinton River on the Don Greene Way Trail.
A photo of a tree in the forest found along the Don Green Trail in Clinton Township Michigan.

No matter which trail I hike on, there are always interesting and dramatic trees to look at.

A trail through the leading through the forest on the Don Green Way Nature trail.
A photo of a cement foundation that is overgrown with some grass and clovers. On the edge of the foundation is an old lamppost near the edge of the Clinton river.

What is unique about this area is there seems to be ruins of what might have once been apart of the Kalamazoo Clinton River Canal. Although i’m not entirely 100 percent sure on if that is the case, it is in all likely hood a part of a building that was suppose to be developed but for whatever reason they stopped developing it.

Depending on the time of day you can see wildlife in the area, sometimes deer, sometimes birds, garter snakes, and toads to name a few. Sadly I only saw a single garter snake but it was too quick for me to snap a shot. Better luck next time i guess?

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