Excursion to River Bends Park

River Bends park is located in the city of Shelby Township Michigan. The park encompasses about 850 acres of land. It’s a fairly big park. What sets this area apart from the other parks in the area is this place is free to visit unlike the metro parks that I featured in other posts on this blog. ( Not that parking is super expensive but you never know.)

A picture of a trail at River Bends Park. trees are on the side of the trail while a lone figure walks down the path in the background.
Every time i try to capture this spot there almost always seems to be a person walking off in the distance.

Another notable feature about this park is that it’s home to a rather large disk golf course. While I was out today there were a couple groups of people utilizing the range. I myself have only played disc golf once when I was in middle school. I guess it was fun? I suppose i could give it a try at some point in time…

The Clinton River in River Bends.

The Clinton River flows through the park and there are sections of the old Clinton -Kalamazoo canal that can be found if somewhere in the eastern section of the park.

A vibrate photo of the Clinton River. The sky is blue the clouds are white, the trees are bright green.

I feel like I’ve shot almost all 83 miles of the Clinton River at this point but alas i have not as there are some areas of the river that are not easily accessible. Or it flows through private property and I’m not about to start trespassing.

A photo of a couple of Candiean geese and their chicks swimming in the Clinton River.
A family of Honkees

Should you venture out and come across Canadian Geese be careful as they are quite protective of their young and they will bite if they feel threatened. While not fatal I’ve heard that being bit by one of these guys is rather painful.

A trail in River Bends Park that runs parallel to the Clinton river.
A man fishing in the Clinton River.

This spot of the park almost always seems to have teenagers and/or other young adults clustered around hanging out, probably up to no good. Today however, it would seem a lone fisherman is trying his luck. Did he catch anything? Whose to say? I would like to imagine that he did though.

A tree in blossom with white flowers at River Bends Park.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I’ll be sure to update again real soon!

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