Adventures in Stony Creek: Inwood Trail

I’ve been visiting this park often throughout all of my life but for this but was the first time I ventured onto the Inwood Trail. Why did I wait so long? Well up until a few weeks ago I had no idea that it existed!

A lake on the Inwood Trail.

The Inwood Trail is apart of the Stony Creek Metropark. What sets this trail apart from the other is that the parking lot is off a dirt road where you park on some grass near the entrance to the trails. As for rest rooms, I failed to spot any at the entrance, nor did I see any while on the trail. They were not kidding about this trail being rustic. Something to keep in mind should you decide to venture out here.

A map of Inwood Rustic Trails.
The Route I hiked is in red. Sorry for drawing like a child.

For a map that has not been drawn on like by some small child please visit: and select the Inwood Trails pdf.

So lets get to what we came here for, the pictures!

open field on the Inwood  rustic trail.

Originally I wanted to take the 13th path around the Lake but access to this part of the trail was closed. Reasons being that evidently there is some sort species in the area that is nesting according to a fellow hiker whom I overheard talking to another hiker. I suspect there is a Bald Eagles nest but I have no visual confirmation for that theory. Whatever was there though is Federally protected so i went the other way.

tree by a lake on the Inwood trails.
Clearing leading to forest on Inwood Rustic Trails.
Concrete cylinder found on the Inwood trails.

You don’t always stumble across giant concrete cylinders when hiking. And it would seem people ( I assume more than one person at any rate) graffiti this cylinder.

graffiti found on the Inwood Trails. The art depicts a face with tired eyes and which contrasts against the vibrate purple lipstick. The eyes are a neon yellow-green color.
Just look at that face!

I’m not sure who that is suppose to be. Your guess is as good as mine.

Inwood Lake

This is probably my favorite capture from this outing. I love the ripples!

Trees next to a stream on the inwood trail.

Things are getting greener now that it’s May.

Inwood Trails Stream
Inwoods trail hiking path that leads into the woods.

I’ll be sure to return to this area sometime. Most likely in the summer. Maybe things will be better by then. And by better I mean this COVID-19 business. If any of my friends and/or family are reading this: I miss you and looking forward to seeing you all in person!

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