Adventures at Stony Creek: East Lake Trails

East Stony Creek Lake.
Things are starting to get a little bit greener out here.

Note: The Nature Trail of Stony Creek is one of several trails that run through the Stony Creek Metro Park. No doubt I will at some point feature all the nature areas that this park has to offer. And trust me this park has a lot of stuff to offer!

Anyways the route i’m featuring here in this post is called the East Lake Trail. This particular trail is about 3 miles long and as the name would suggest it passes by the Eastern portion of Stony Creek Lake.

Open field with some trees in the background.

While walking the trail at the time I encountered about 6 people. I feel that the number of people going out and utilizing parks and other nature areas will only increase as the weather continues to get warmer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However; due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 if you are concerned about your safety and wish to not come into contact with people keep that in mind. If you are experiencing any symptoms of the virus seek medical attention and isolate yourself. In my experience most people are good at maintaining their social distance when it comes to strangers they encounter out exploring the trails.

Hiking path along the East Stony Creek Lake.
Forest hiking path.
East Stony Creek Lake

Most of the lake is obstructed by trees but there are points in which you can get close to the water. You can seen in the background what is a swan swimming in the lake. The photos in this post were shot off my Android Galaxy phone which is good at capturing landscape photos but has some issues with clarity while zooming in on objects that are far away.

Small Creek flowing through the forest.
Hiking trail with evergreen trees.
Purple wild flowers growing out of a pile of brown leaves.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the photos!

For a map of the park you can visit:

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