Can You Move Forward While Standing Still?

Going to set some goals and I’m putting them out here because projecting your intentions out into the great void that is internet is about all I feel I can do at the moment.

  • This is a photo blog so we need more photos post! Going to aim for 2 posts a week! ( This post doesn’t count. There are no pictures for crying out loud! And as hipster as it would be to be a photo blog that doesn’t have pictures that just strikes me as well…. wrong on so many levels…)
  • Clean the refrigerator out. Shelves should never be that sticky!
  • Buy the ingredients need to make something yummy to eat because it’s been a minute since you rely on fast food to get you through the COVID-19 plague.
  • Finish playing through the main quest of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Switch.
  • Practice mediation at least once.

As I sit here and wonder will I accomplish any of this nonsense? Who knows! I guess if you’re that curious check back in at the end of May. Hopefully we’ll have some good news about the curve going down. While i’m thinking about it I should probably ask someone to hold me accountable to this…

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