SIP: Day 22 Yes, I’m Still Here

A photo Taken on the Clinton River Main Trail.
Sorry about the lens flare but i still think this is a nice shot despite it.

And I do not feel that I shall be going anyplace anytime soon.

Well I went out to do my weekly nature outing.

For the most part I’m trying to stay as close to home as I can.

People and by people I mean the posts on a particular social working site seem to feel that certain states are getting ready to lift some of their restricts in the month of May; which at the time of writing this in about 2 weeks and some change. ( 17 days if you’d like to be technically correct.)

This purposes a lot of questions and concerns and I am not the person who you should be asking about those, I’m just a guy who likes to take pictures. After all that is why you stopped by right?

These were captured while I was walking around the Clinton River Park Main Trail. If you are in the Sterling Heights area and an outdoor enthusiast, you should definitely check this trail out. The main trail is paved however there is a mountain bike/hiking trail that you can access if you prefer a more of a rustic hike.

I’ll more than likely will be posting about this area again once the trees in the area start to bloom. So stay tune for that!

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