Adventures at Lake St.Clair Metropark

Marsh Landscape Nature Photo

So before we get into the actual trip let me explain some background; that the city of Harrison Township can renamed the park. I always knew this place as Metro Beach but in 2012 the name was changed to Lake St.Clair Metropark. If you ask locals about this place though I’m sure most of them will still call it Metro Beach. If i end up calling this place Metro Beach instead of it’s new name, now you know why!

Now I don’t know about you but as someone who lives in Michigan or anyplace that has winter, by the time April rolls around people tend to be a bit stir crazy. And seeing as their is no place else you can really go to thanks to COVID-19, the people were out in droves! And by droves I mean everyone was maintaining proper social distance from one another. For the most part.

A picture of trees along on the path to the nature trail. All the trees are bare with the exception of a lone pine tree.

Things seem to be getting greener a little bit. While you can’t see it here many of the trees are beginning to bud. Everything has been so … brown for the last month and a half. I’m looking forward to getting more color around here.

The last time I was visited Lake St.Clair Metropark was back in February. It was the day after Valentines Day and I remember it being just so cold. Or maybe it was because the wind chill was so low. In any event, it was cold. I wanted to acquire some captures of Lake St.Claire. Here are some of them.

A picture of Lake St.Clair taken back in February 2020. The lake is mostly frozen. Ice covers the surface in chunks. The sky is a pale blue mixed with yellows and yellow-orange hues in a muted tone.
Landscape photo of Lake St.Clair in February 2020.
Landscape photo of a lone tree on Lake St.Clair in winter.
One of my favorite shots so far this year. I just love how the color seems so vibrate and yet muted at the same time.

By the time i actually reached this spot my hands were so cold and probably in the early stages of frost bite, but I’m happy with the captures I got that day.

This trip, i went to the nature center/trail. My only grievance with this trail is that it’s short. There’s plenty of area to walk around as the park itself is fairly big. But, i had hoped that there would be less people on the trail and boy was I wrong! Again, no judgement! People should get out and enjoy nature if they can, and since schools are closed, I can understand taking your kids to the trail to learn about and experience nature, and again there’s nothing to do now thanks to COVID-19 soooooo…… here we are.

Nature trail photo from Lake St.Clair Metropark
A picture taken on a part of the Nature Trail at Lake St.Claire Metropark. A hiking path with tress on both sides of the trail. You can also see part of the swamp on the right hand side.
Part of the Nature Trail
Trees along the shoreline of Lake St.Clair
Marshland Nature Photo
Marsh Boardwalk underwater.
Evidence of climate change?
Swamp landscape photography
Hiking Trail photo

As I stated before, the biggest drawback is that the nature area itself seems rather small. However, there is a beach, a boardwalk that travels parallel to Lake St.Claire, and if you have small kids a pretty cool playground. There’s also a par 3 golf course if you like that sort of thing.

I’ll most likely be back here sometime in the summer at the latest. Things will definitely be greener by then.

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