Covid19 SIPO Day 20: Standing Still is Hard

Canadian Goose warning others to keep social distance.
I have to much free time on my hands…

Note: SIPO stands for Shelter In Place Order that was issued what feels like 300 years ago but in actuality it’s only been 3 weeks? Time feels different when you’re standing still.

The last week has been… rough to put it mildly. I know that I’m not the only person who is experiencing the anxiety and uncertainty about whats going to happen with the current epidemic that is ravaging the planet. Not to mention frustration. Lately all I feel that I do is wake up so that I can go to work, come back home and repeat the whole process over and over again. I miss seeing my friends in person, I miss seeing my grandparents, I miss being able to go to whatever park or nature I wanted to and not just sticking to the local ones that are nearby.

Some of my friends at a house warming party.
Miss you guys!!

Speaking of local excursions, I’ll be posting my outing to Lake St.Clair Metro Park sometime with this upcoming week. For now here’s a preview.

Me on the Lake St.Clair Metropark Nature Trail

Anyways, stay safe out there!

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