Adventures in Lake Erie Metropark

a picture of the shoreline by the Detroit River. The water levels are high and are flooding the sitting area.
If this photo isn’t evince of climate change, I don’t know what is…

Note: I traveled to Erie Metro Park on March 21st 2020, the weekend before the Shelter in Place Order for Michigan was issued. While I plan on coming back to this lovely park in the future, I feel that it may be best if I stick to areas that are closer to home for now.

I was no older than 10 or 11 the last time I was at this particular park. At first, I thought, “hey this will be cool, going to a part of Michigan that I have yet to visit. But when I spoke with my father later that day I was informed that I had been to Lake Erie Metro Park already. Part of reason why I do not remember coming here initially is because I came by canoe. The Huron River and The Detroit River flow through the park area as they empty out into Lake Eeire. I don’t recall much from my childhood trip to here other than it being hot and getting sunburn.

Flash forward to March 2020. I drove about an hour to get to the park. My goal for this outing, like every other outing I have was to capture some cool landscape shots. And Lake Erie Metro Park did not disappoint!

I don’t know about you but I love it when water reflects what’s going on in the sky.
Plants blowing in the breeze next to a river.
Spring Breeze
Lone Tree by the Lake
I really like the sky in this one too
This should give you an idea as to how cold it was .

There are trails that you can walk that has more scenic and nature stuff which I will explore the next time I go to Lake Erie Metro Park. There was also a playground for kids to play on but due to Covid-19 the playground equipment was taped off. This park also has a marina where you can launch your boat. Perhaps someday I’ll have a boat of my own but I’ll stick to the land for now.


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