Adventures in Stony Creek: Day 14 and a half of SiPO

Stony Creek

Note: SiPO referrers to the Shelter in Place Order that the Governor of Michigan has issued and as far as I know was extended to include the whole month of April. Meaning things won’t be going back to “normal,” whatever that is, until April 13 2020. Or at least I heard that it was extended to the 30th but according to the website which i will provide the link for here:,9309,7-387-90499_90705-522626–,00.html

The order is still in effect until the 13th of April…?


I hope that while this Covid-19 crisis is going on that everything is going well, considering the circumstances. As for me, the last week has been one where i mostly stayed put, like you are suppose to be doing. Aside from going to my day job, I have only ventured out to nature once this week. And let me tell you, I haven’t seen the parks as crowded as they were for this time of year ever. And by crowded i mean small groups of 4-6 people usually with the kids in tow. Not that I blame them, if your only means of breaking the monotony of the quarantine are to go outside to get some fresh air then by all means that’s what people will be doing. And that’s what I did Sunday afternoon. I traveled to one of my favorite places in Michigan, Stony Creek.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little power tower to go with there nature?

Stony Creek is located in three different townships Washington, Oakland, and Shelby. For me, it’s about a 20 minute drive from where I currently live. Fun fact: A lot of people in Michigan measure things be the amount of drive time it takes to get to a place rather than use actual units of measurement for distance. In terms of actual distance it’s about 20 miles or 32 km.

The Vernal Pond part of the Landscape or Habitat trail. I can’t really remember right now.

There are several different areas of the park in which you can explore and the park offers a variety of activities but hands down my favorite area to go to while I’m here are the nature trails. Mainly because of how scenic they are. If you’re lucky sometimes you can see wildlife but I was fortunate to see anything other than people on the trails yesterday. Although I did hear a loud chorus of frogs croaking away while i was at the pond. It makes sense seeing as this is around the time they start mating and laying their little tadpole eggs in vernal ponds like the one pictured above.

If you’re in the need to go venture outside in the Macomb County or Oakland County areas, i highly recommend that you see what the Stony Creek Metro Park has to offer.

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