The "Why" of my Photography

This is a fairly common question you would ask someone given their chosen profession; what makes you do what you do?

I vaguely remember as a child being given a disposable camera to take pictures with as part of a homework assignment. I think i was in the 2nd grade, anyways we were to take pictures of things we found beautiful or things that we found ugly. I don’t recall what i submitted for the assignment or if any of those old photos are around. If anyone has them it would be my mother. I’ll have to ask her if she has them still.

When i was a teenager my grandfather gifted me a digital camera that i still have to this day. It being a Cannon PowerShot 520 that can take pictures in 4.0 mega pixels. I think the camera on my phone takes them in 12 mega pixels, which I am sure is out of date, seeing as my phone is over 4 years old at this point. Perhaps someday I’ll upgrade but that day is not today.

For awhile I did not take photos. I was too busy with other aspects of my life. It wasn’t until the end of August beginning of September 2019 that i got super into photography. In particular landscapes. I was looking for a new hobby that would allow me to get out of the house. Prior to this i spent a lot of time indoors, starting at computer screens learning about IT stuff and i needed a break from that so the next best thing would be to go outside and stare at a slightly smaller screen! Don’t get me wrong; I still love technology but it’s much more fun to go outside and find what you can find and try to capture that experience and share it with other people.

I took this back in October 2019 on the Clinton River Park Trail in Sterling Heights Michigan

And I’ve been going on my so called photo shoot excursions and sharing what i find on Instagram ever since. Typically I go out at least once or twice out of the week. I like discovering new areas that i haven’t been to or going back to places that I haven’t visited in quite a while.

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