Quarantine Day 7

I’ve never seen the River Walk so deserted…

So it’s almost a week since the state wide shut down began in Michigan thanks to COVID-19. How’s this latest pandemic effected my life? Surprisingly not very much has changed for me.  Aside from having more to do at my day job I’m still able to do the things that I would normally do like go outside to commune with nature, take photos, and play video games. It’s crazy that toilet paper is hard to come by, as is hand soap and sanitizer, but hopefully as this continues the supply for these items will stabilize.

A nice list provided by the folks at Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit News


  hours  minutes  seconds


COVID-19 Quarantine ends hopefully!

Prior to the 24th the quarantine was more of a guideline to help stop the spread of the disease. What’s different is now is if you are outside your home not doing any of these activities you can be charged with a misdemeanor. I guess only time can tell to see if these measures will be effective as a deterrent and will aid in preventing this disease.

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