Hello there!

So I’ve deiced to do a blog about my adventures in photography. I’d like to use this blog as a means to give some background as to what’s going on with some of my photos for those that are curious.

Of course you might not really know much about me so maybe some background would be in order!

I use Scooty Puffs as my online handle. My friends call me Scooty. If you know anything about Futurama you’ll know that the Scooty Puff Jr. sucks! I like sci-fiction, and animation in general. Truthfully, i’m a huge nerd. Want proof?

Your boy Scooty

I’m a very nerdy looking guy. I also like taking photos!

Some of my stuff. All of these photos were taken by me and can be found on my Instagram page. http://instagram.com/scootypuffs

Published by Scooty Puffs

Freelance Photographer Photo Blogger

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