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A man stands on a bank of a river as the sun raises in the east. To his right there is a bare tree while off into the distance are some people on a boat most likely fishing.

The Photoblog

31 Day photo Challenge

In the interest of trying something new, and because I am currently unable to wander regularly on Wednesdays for the duration of the holiday season I have decided to give this photo challenge a try. What about the monochrome Monday’s and the Friday’s that are filled with photo art? Those will still happen! I knowContinue reading “31 Day photo Challenge”

A pie that is half pecan pie and half pumpkin pie sits in the center of an electric blue background. The pie looks delicious as it is the best part of thanksgiving. Then again thanksgiving is just another excuse to stuff your craw.

Pecan Pumpkin Pie

What a time to be alive! Where you can have the best of each of the holiday pies! Happy Thanksgiving!


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